1. Tech Savvy Parenting: To Filter or Not to Filter, That is the Question

    When it comes to parenting your teens through a digital age, there are some very tough decisions to make.  One of the main questions for parents is how involved do you want to be and what style of tech parenting are you going to use? When it comes to handling teens’ use of technology for accessing online pornography or cybersex, there are a number of options.  One of those options is to use an internet filter for all of the child’s devices.  Though that may seem like an easy decision, there are many options when it comes to filtering and some pros and cons to each of those options. The …Read More

  2. Pornography and Sexual Experiences in High School Students

    A research study recently published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics studied several aspects of sexuality among high school students.  The Swedish researchers looked at the following in teens:  the use of pornography, sexual experiences, sexual abuse and perceptions of sexuality and pornography. The majority of scientific studies that have been conducted on this subject have shown both negative and positive effects of internet pornography consumption.  Previous studies have also shown that there are gender differences in attitudes toward pornography.  Additionall…Read More

  3. Tech Savvy Parenting: Kik

      When I want to know what the latest trends are in technology, I end up asking an adolescent.  We adults inevitably are some of the last to know what is going on in the world of apps and social media.  As kids are moving away from social networking sites like Facebook, they are moving toward messenger apps.  Kik is one of the newer messenger apps that are gaining popularity with teens. Kik (www.kik.com) is a messenger app that is the first smartphone messenger to have a built in browser that allows users to talk, and browse while sharing with friends.  It is available for all smartph…Read More

  4. Tech Savvy Parenting: Facebook’s Friend Locator

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com) ran a small article about the new App coming to Facebook that uses geolocating technology to allow users to be notified when they are near friends.  This service will slowly be rolled out in the United States on Thursday. According to recent news articles about the app, it has to be selected by the Facebook user so it will not automatically be activated on Facebook.  The app will not display an exact location but will alert the user that a friend is within a half mile radius.  It does allow for a Facebook user to disclose an exact location but…Read More