When it comes to parenting your teens through a digital age, there are some very tough decisions to make.  One of the main questions for parents is how involved do you want to be and what style of tech parenting are you going to use?

When it comes to handling teens’ use of technology for accessing online pornography or cybersex, there are a number of options.  One of those options is to use an internet filter for all of the child’s devices.  Though that may seem like an easy decision, there are many options when it comes to filtering and some pros and cons to each of those options.

The number of available options will depend on the filtering software you choose.  For example, the simplest and least complicated thing to do is to put a parental control on the computers/phone/ etc. that is age based and blocks adult content.  This option leaves the blocking to the software to notice adult content and not let it get through to your teen. Other programs will allow you to greatly customize this option.  You can enter specific websites that are blocked or, alternatively, specific websites that may come up as adult content that you wish to allow.

What can you filter?  Depending on the program, you can filter web content, email, personal information, social networks, peer to peer networks, chat and games.  Many filtering programs also offer a variety of reporting options.  You can get alerts via email or text messaging in an instant or log manner.  Many also offer options for multiple users so that several children can be on the same account.  One down side of some programs is that they are not all compatible with Apple products, but that is quickly changing.

If you do choose to use an internet filter on your child’s computer, there are many choices to pick from. Below is a list of filters that our clients have used with success and find work for them.  The type of filter will sometimes depend on your operating system (Apple or non-Apple.)

Net Nanny –http://www.netnanny.com/features/internet-filter — Net Nanny works on Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.
Safe Eyes – http://www.internetsafety.com/safe-eyes-parental-control-software.php​
Mobicip – http://www.mobicip.com/ — we often use Mobicip on our Apple products.
K9 Web Protection – http://www1.k9webprotection.com/
Cyber Patrol – http://www.cyberpatrol.com/home/